TOMKAT’s mission is to strengthen and unite the ageplay community through memorable camping experiences of exploration and fun.

TOMKAT is an AB/DL/ageplay focused week-long camping experience that happens twice a year in beautiful northern Ontario, Canada. The first TOMKAT event was held in October of 2013 and we have had two events every year from then until now. TOMKAT was originally founded to unite the AB/DL/ageplay communities surrounding Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Kingston. Today, TOMKAT has attendees from all over North America and even as far away as Europe!

TOMKAT was founded for the ageplay community. Today, while most attendees are ageplayers and their caregivers, we also have many bigs, middles, puppies, furries, and friends who attend. Our attendees are of diverse ages, genders and backgrounds.

Are you an ageplayer or someone who enjoys spending time with littles? Do you enjoy camping outdoors in a beautiful place? Do you like the idea of forming a community for the week and making some wonderful memories? If so, then you are someone who would enjoy TOMKAT!

Attending a TOMKAT Campout

There are three simple steps to attending TOMKAT:

  • First, purchase a CAMPING or INDOOR registration from our online shop. Note, if you are in financial difficulty, you can apply for financial assistance. In that case, you only need to pay a reduced fee now, and the remainder owing is due two weeks before camp and will be determined by how many apply for assistance and how many donate to the Send-a-Little-to-Camp fund.
  • Second, fill out the online registration form (a link will be included the receipt you are emailed for your registration).
  • Third, if this is your first time attending TOMKAT, you’ll need to be vetted. When you fill out the online registration form, you’ll indicate that this is your first time attending a campout. One of the organizers will then email you to arrange an in-person, telephone or online meeting where we answer your questions, help prepare you for camp, and let you know our expectations. This call also ensures that you will already know at least one other person attending camp! Please note that the vetting is intended only for the purposes outlined above, and is not a formal screening process.


TOMKAT Leadership

TOMKAT is volunteer run with no paid staff. All registration fees and merchandise sales go toward the expenses of running the camp including food, rental, trash disposal, first aid kits, gas for the generator, and supplies for running the fun and exciting activities. All donated funds are used for the specific purposes described. No one makes a profit from TOMKAT and any extra funds are put towards buying new things to enjoy at camp.

Everyone who attends camp helps out by signing up for one meal prep or cleanup shift for each two nights they spend at camp. That way we can keep costs down by not having to hire staff, and the work is shared around so we don’t burn out our valuable volunteers!

The TOMKAT Leadership Team consists of the Organizing Committee, Coordinators, Ambassadors, Camp Counsellors, Event Leaders and Head Chefs.

  • The Organizing Committee makes the major decisions and oversees everything that occurs.
  • The Coordinators are in charge of overseeing particular things (such as social media, the facilities, or food) to ensure they run smoothly.
  • TOMKAT Ambassadors are appointed in major areas to be a point person to answer questions that come up in their community about camp.
  • Camp Counsellors are responsible for the day to day operation of the camp activities.
  • And finally, perhaps most importantly, are the attendees who volunteer to help run specific activities, workshops, or be head chef for a meal.

If you would like to be a TOMKAT volunteer or join the Leadership Team, please contact one of the Organizers.

Everyone helps TOMKAT to be a fun and exciting place and we thank you for helping out!

Want to Find Out More?

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