Activities Information


At TOMKAT we strive to ensure there is never a dull moment. That’s why our schedule is jam packed with super fun activities all week long. From the annual pirate battle, to the fashion show, we promise you will never run out of things to do. There are quiet activities for littles wanting to relax and energetic activities for the more rambunctious times. There are also activities that appeal to bigs and even fetish workshops. And when you need some down time, there’s 170 acres available for you to find some space.

Outdoor Activities

Every day has a slew of activities held outdoors. Remember playing at school with a huge colourful parachute? How about finger painting, which, inevitably leads to Littles covered in the (washable) paint? The organized outdoor games might include Duck-Duck-Goose, a relay race, or even a water balloon toss. Once during the week a massive pirate battle is held! We’ve had a magical mystery quest, a scavenger hunt, and even a food fight at past camp.

Do you have an idea for an outdoor activity you think would be fun at camp or one that you might want to lead yourself? Please fill out this form. We love having people involved and having new activities at each camp.


A different craft is done each day of camp. These have included painting teddy bear wind chimes, making dream catchers, creating sock puppets. Attendees have even been taught how to make their own playdough!

Tie-dying has become a favourite craft at recent TOMKATs. We have a white TOMKAT t-shirt available in our shop, that you can have delivered to camp, where you can create your own unique tie-dyed masterpiece!

Have an idea for a craft that would be fun at TOMKAT? Please fill out this form!

Adult Pavilion

Each day, the adult pavilion hosts at least one workshop featuring a different type of fetish interest. These have included spanking, puppy play, flogging, bondage, and even a fire play demonstration.

Have an idea for a workshop? Whether it’s one you’d like to personally lead, or simply an idea you’d enjoy seeing, please fill out this form.

Talent and Fashion Show

All attendees are invited to enjoy the Talent and Fashion Show. This occurs on the weekend of camp and is a great chance to see another side of your friends! Want to sing a song? Juggle? Do a dance? Know some silly jokes? Have a magic trick? Be in the talent show!

In the middle of the Talent Show is the Fashion Show. Do you have an outfit that makes you feel really special? Maybe someone gave it to you, made it for you, or you found it in a store. Come walk the runway and show it off to everyone during the Fashion Show!


Every night there are activities at camp after dark. There is always storytime where up to three people can read stories as Littles relax with their stuffies and cuddle with their friends. Sign up to be a reader and bring your favourite books to camp!

Other evening activities include campfire sing-alongs, scary stories by the fire, flashlight tag, s’mores, magic rainbow fires, and more! At the end of camp there is also the Closing Ceremony.

Do you have an idea for an evening activity? Please fill out this form to share it with us!

Activity Schedule

You can take a look at the Activity Schedule and Activity Details from a previous TOMKAT Campout to give you an idea of what to expect. If you are interested in leading an activity or have an idea for a new activity, please fill out this form. Whether this is your first campout or you’ve been attending for years, we’d love to have you involved!

Unscheduled Activities

There is a lot to do at camp that is not on the schedule!

The incredible lake provides wonderful opportunities for swimming and fishing. There are boats that are available for exploring the lake, getting to the island, and visiting the froggies that live in the water-lilies.

The 170 acres of wilderness is also great for going hiking or just relaxing in nature and solitude. Go visit the turtles in Tattooine, or hang out with the beavers at their lodge!

The wood-fired sauna is available for attendees to enjoy at any time, and the sauna becomes very steamy late at night. 😉 There are fire pits by the dock, on Witch’s Rock, and in Tattooine for you to enjoy. The Tattooine fire pit is known for its late-night parties! And when not in use for workshops, the Adult Pavilion is available for grown up playing.