Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is a disordered list of things that didn’t fit in elsewhere on the website. If you can’t find what you are looking for in the various pages listed on the About menu above, you might find it here in the FAQ. And if you can’t find it here, then please contact us. Some day your question may make it to the FAQ!!!

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What is vetting?

Vetting happens between any new person to TOMKAT and one or more of the organizers. When you fill out the online registration form, you’ll indicate that this is your first time attending a campout. One of the organizers will then email you to arrange an in-person, telephone or online meeting where we answer your questions, help prepare you for camp, and let you know our expectations. This call also ensures that you will already know at least one other person attending camp! Please note that the vetting is intended only for the purposes outlined above, and is not a formal screening process.

Why is vetting important?

Vetting helps us to ensure that everyone who attends TOMKAT knows that they are to be respectful of the land, the rules, and the other attendees, and knows what the event is like before they arrive. Vetting is also advantageous for the person being vetted. Deciding to attend an event like TOMKAT is a big step for some and it can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know others attending. Vetting means that you will have spoken to and know at least one person attending TOMKAT.

How do I get vetted?

When you fill out the online registration form, you’ll indicate that this is your first time attending a campout. A link to the form will be included the receipt you are emailed for your registration.

One of the organizers will then email you to arrange an in-person, telephone or online meeting.


Is TOMKAT an event only for younger people?

Nope! TOMKAT is open to anyone who is 19 years of age or older. We’ve had everyone from age 19 to people over 60 attend! (Even though most of our attendees act like children!!)

Is TOMKAT an event only for AB/DLs?

Nope! Most of the attendees at TOMKAT campouts are age players or diaper lovers, but we also have mommies, daddies and other caregivers, as well as puppies, furries, baby furs, and other kinksters who enjoy spending time with age players in an outdoor setting.

Can I bring my dog?

Registered service animals are allowed at camp, by prior arrangement. Service animals must be kept on a leash at all times, and are never allowed in the buildings. Pets are not allowed except for those staying in an RV. In that case, with prior approval from the Organizers, one pet is allowed per RV. Pets staying in RV’s must be on-leash in the Trailer Park area, and are not allowed in the buildings or the other common areas of camp. If you wish to bring a service animal or have a pet in your RV, please contact us to make arrangements.

Facilities & Transportation

Will tents or camping equipment be provided?

No. Those who are camping will have to supply their own tents, sleeping bags, space heaters, etc. If you have a friend you can share with, all the better! And if anyone has an RV, we can accommodate up to six in the Trailer Park!!

How do I get to TOMKAT if I don’t have a car?

We always have a carpool thread on Fetlife. Many people have room in their cars. Also, if you take public transit to Sudbury or North Bay, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find someone on the carpool thread willing to pick you up from there. Lastly, we recommend you offer to pay some towards gas. That tends to help get you a ride!

Is there electricity at TOMKAT?

There is limited electricity from solar panels. Please do not bring hair dryers, curlers, or any other non-essential electric device unless you also plan to bring your own power supply (e.g. generator or battery pack). If there isn’t much sun, we may need to restrict the charging of mobile phones and other devices.

Can I be in the kitchen during meal prep?

While food is being prepared only those working on the meal are allowed to hang out in the kitchen. If you are not involved in preparing the meal, we ask that you do your best to avoid the kitchen as best you can. There is one washroom in past the kitchen for use, but we ask that you try to use the outdoor washrooms when possible during meal prep. While there is always communal food available in the pantry, during meal prep we ask that you quickly pass through the kitchen while staying out of the way of the chefs and not loiter or distract. We don’t want cranky littles due to meals being delayed, right?

What are the indoor accommodations like? What does buying a space in a “shared bed” mean?

We have limited indoor space, and extensive outdoor space. People staying indoors get comfortable beds, pillows, and bedding provided. The room and beds are comfortable and the bedding is always clean at the start of camp. While a number of people enjoy staying indoors, there are some things you need to be aware of. The indoor accommodations are limited both in availability and comfort. If you choose to sleep indoors, you will be sharing a bed with another person, and that bed will be in a room with four other beds in it. And there is a good chance that one of the people in the room will be a snorer so assume you will need earplugs.


How do I suggest an activity?

We are always looking for new ideas of things to do at TOMKAT! If you have an idea, please fill out the online form and don’t forget to indicate if you want to run the activity!

Will there be BDSM as well, or is this strictly an ageplay event?

Yes! There are quite a lot of attendees who enjoy play outside of the ABDL/ageplay spectrum, and although we are first and foremost an ageplay campout, we do provide space to those who wish for more adult play. Please see Activities Information for more about our adult pavilion and workshops.


How am I expected to behave at TOMKAT?

Remember, the A in ABDL stands for Adult! Please read over and abide by the rules. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Are drugs allowed at TOMKAT?

Legal drugs such as tobacco, marijuana and alcohol are allowed at TOMKAT. We ask you to be respectful & responsible, and use substances in such a way as to not expose non-consenting attendees to intoxicants, nor to unpleasant intoxicated behaviour.

Anyone causing a disruption may be asked to leave without a refund, regardless of any substances they may or may not have used.

As law abiding Canadian citizens, we do not endorse any illegal activity. However, we are not the police, and we do not search persons, their property, nor their tents.


What about sponsors? Will there be any?

Absolutely!! TOMKAT has been very lucky to have amazing sponsors. In the past, these have included local artisans & ageplay vendors, and well-known diaper companies. Please support our Sponsors and visit their web pages!

How do I become a sponsor?

Do you make things? Do you have a store with ageplay related products? You could become an official TOMKAT sponsor! Just contact us and we will work with you on how to get involved!


Can I get a refund?

If you are unable to attend a campout, TOMKAT will consider issuing refunds for registrations after the event is over. If our finances allow, we will attempt to offer a full or partial refund, but no refund is guaranteed.

I’m in financial difficulty, is there any way I can pay less?

Yes! TOMKAT has established the Send-a-Little-to-Camp Fund for just these situations. If you can donate to the fund, please do! If you are currently experiencing financial difficulties, you can apply to the Fund by indicating so when you purchase your registration. In that case, you will need to pay the deposit, which is the regular registration price less half the cost of the CAMPING Registration. The remainder will be due two weeks before camp starts. Depending on how much is donated, the final payment could be as much as half the cost of the CAMPING Registration fee (worst case scenario, no donations at all) or as little as zero. Most likely it will be somewhere in between.

I want to buy some TOMKAT merchandise, can I pay to have it shipped to me?

Yes, you can have any physical merchandise purchased in the store sent to you by Canada Post, after the next campout. The rates will be shown during the checkout process once you have entered your address.

Important Shipping Notice: For all merchandise, if you choose “Pickup at the next TOMKAT” there will be no delivery charge. You may also choose to have your merchandise shipped via Canada Post, after the next camp. NO MERCHANDISE WILL BE SHIPPED UNTIL AFTER THE NEXT TOMKAT CAMPOUT!