Food Information

Communal Food & Meals

Your registration fee for the TOMKAT campout includes all meals! We provide a self-serve breakfast, a sit-down lunch & dinner, an afternoon snack, and some help-yourself snack foods.

Prepared Meals

Lunch & dinner will be announced by loud speaker.

The afternoon snack will be available mid-afternoon, and brought out to the scheduled activities.

All food is prepared by volunteer head chefs and volunteer assistants. Before each campout, you will have the opportunity to sign up to help out with meal prep shifts, or if you prefer, cleanup shifts. Expect to help out at one shift per two nights you spend at camp.

Breakfasts & Snacks

Unlike lunch and dinner, breakfast is a help-yourself on your own time affair. Breakfast is available until the kitchen team begins preparing lunch. Snacks are available at any time.

There is a designated area for dry goods, and for refrigerated goods, that are available for you to help yourself. Typically, these foods include such items as bread, bagels, muffins, fruit, cream cheese, yoghurt, cereals, milk, eggs, pancake mix, and various snack foods.

The kitchen facilities and common barbecues are available for attendees at times they are not needed for communal meal prep or cleanup. So you can also make yourself a hot breakfast or snack!


We provide coffee, water, & fruit drink. Please bring any additional beverages you wish with you, and consider bringing a cooler to store them in. Any food or drink items left in the common food storage or refrigeration areas will be deemed to be donations to TOMKAT.

Private Food & Meals

Please bring any snacks or special food you think you will want while you are at TOMKAT. You are responsible for storing any personal food in appropriate sealed containers on your own campsite or near your sleeping area.  Remember, there are many hungry critters in the area! Any food or drink items left in the common food storage or refrigeration areas will be deemed to be donations to TOMKAT.

When the kitchen and common barbecue facilities are not in use for common meals, you may use them to prepare your own food. There are several large campfires on site, and when not in use for other activities you may also use these for cooking.

Alternatively, you may bring your own barbecues or camp stoves to use at your own campsite.

Although we provide a variety of food for the common meals, some campers will choose to have one or more meals that they prepare themselves, with their own food. Often these are folks with very specific food likes and dislikes, or simply campers who enjoy barbecuing some of their own meals.

If you choose to have meals on your own, please be aware that this does not entitle you to any refund for the communal meal costs included in your registration fee. In addition, please be considerate of your fellow campers. If you are having a steak dinner, be sensitive to the fact that not all the campers can afford this, and avoid flaunting private meals in the public areas.


Place all refuse in the appropriate receptacles. Labelled bins/bags are provided for returnables (alcohol), recyclables, burnables, and garbage (including diapers). If you are disposing of garbage/diapers, and notice that the bag is half full, please help out by tying up the garbage bag, placing it beside the refuse container, and refilling the container with a fresh bag. Why half full? Cuz used diapers are heavy!

Please do not litter.