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TOMKAT is held at Fox’s Haven, a beautiful camp comprising 110 acres of wilderness in West Nipissing, Ontario, Canada. The address is sent to all registered attendees two weeks before each campout. The land is completely private so you can enjoy dressing up in your most stunning kids clothes, or dressing down to nothing at all, without worry of outsiders.

Situated on a private property on the Canadian Shield, Fox’s Haven includes a beautiful lake and island, is criss-crossed by numerous trails, and has lovely pine and birch forests. There are boats that all attendees are free to use to explore the lake, see the water lilies, row over to the island, and maybe even get the chance to wave at the beavers as they work.

While driving down the long driveway past forests, ponds, and glades, you will pass the turn-off on the right to the parking lot, situated on a massive flat rock, where all cars are parked after you have dropped off your stuff.

Spiraling off the road are trails to campsites. The campsites are situated in the midst of beautiful natural areas, with a relatively flat area for a tent. There are three types of campsites. The forest sites are located on wooded trails throughout the woods and have their own individual area cut out within a glen. The desert sites are located upon dunes of sand in an area named Tattooine. The rock sites are located directly on the flat rocks of the Canadian Shield. Campers here will use the rocks at each site to keep their tents down. All campsites are within an easy walk of all main areas of the camp.

At the bend in the driveway is the trailer park, where a number of parked RV’s can be situated.

At the end of the road is the main area of camp. Two large tent pavilions sit here.

The Littles Pavilion has a floor of colourful foam mats, holds colouring books, toys, blocks, and train-sets for all the littles to have fun with. Outside the pavilion is the stuffie playpen, where dozens of stuffies relax in the sunshine. There is also a ball pit and a bouncy castle!!

Nearby, the adult pavilion is where fetish workshops are held and attendees can have more grown up fun.

There are two permanent buildings, the Foxes Den and the Main Cabin. The main cabin overlooks the large grassy hill that leads to the lake.

Indoor sleeping space is available on a limited basis in communal rooms and can accommodate up to 16 people in shared beds. People staying indoors get comfortable beds, pillows, and bedding provided. If you choose to sleep indoors, you will be sharing a bed with another person, and that bed will be in a room with four other beds in it.

Off to one side of the hill is the designated smoking area. Two large campfires are also nearby, one next to the lake and one up on Witch’s Rock which overlooks the lake from its perch above.

A full kitchen is on site which is used to prepare the communal meals that all attendees enjoy. Picnic tables, outhouses and showers are available for campers too!

Make sure to take a look at the map of Fox’s Haven!

The camp is a short drive from the townships of Lavigne and a little further, Sturgeon Falls. These nearby towns offer a full range of goods & services that you might need while you are at camp.

TOMKAT at Fox’s Haven is a perfect place to let your little flag fly with all of your friends!