The Rules

TOMKAT is meant to be a safe and comfortable space for littles and little minded alike. To ensure that everyone has a fun time the following rules and guidelines have been put in to place. Any violation or breaking of the rules will have consequences may be as severe as being banned from the event. Any person banned from the event will not receive any refund on their camping fees.

  1. All participants must be at least 19 years of Age and must obey all applicable event, local, and federal laws.
  2. All participants are required to attend mandatory workshop such as not limited to the ‘Consent 101’.
  3. As TOMKAT is a private event a certain level of discretion is required, all information regarding the event, scene, participants names and conversation are considered privileged. Also please do not draw attention to the event when leaving the events grounds. Please respect everyone’s Privacy
  4. All participants are to respect others participants such as not limited to the following:
    1. No physical contact without the other party’s explicit consent;
    2. Words can hurt, be mindful of your audience;
    3. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to discrimination against race, religion, sexual orientation, sexual and gender identity;
    4. Illegal substances and prohibited item (ie. drugs, paraphernalia, firearms, etc) are not permitted at TOMKAT events.
    5. Use of alcohol and marijuana is allowed at the event, however all participants are encouraged to act accordingly when consuming alcohol or marijuana, Be mindful who is around you and how you act around others
    6. Please be respectful other participants property such as food, drinks, diapers, and toys, always ask permission prior and if you damage another participants property you are responsible for indemnity to that party.
    7. Ensure to clean up after yourself;
  5. Nudity is permitted at TOMKAT events, however all participants that wish to engage must carry a towel around for seating purpose. 
    1. Nudity is not permitted in the littles pavilion, cooking, and eating areas.
  6. All participants must adhere to the photography guidelines:
    1. Please do not take any photos, videos, and/or audio recording of anyone without their consent. Always ask prior. Any and all individuals have the right to withdrawn consent at anytime. If a participant asks for an image to be deleted, you must do so immediately.
    2. TOMKAT has designated photographers who will be marked and taking photos throughout the event.
    3. At registration participants will be asked for consent to have their photos taken. Consent can be withdrawn at anytime simply notify one of the organizers as soon as practically possible. 
  7. TOMKAT does not own the property, all participants must: 
    1. Respect the venue;
      1. If you make a mess, clean up after yourself;
      2. Please dispose of all diapers in designated trash bags, if the diaper bag is half full please do not walk away, tie it off and start another. Anything more than half full risks the bag ripping and creating a big mess.
      3. If you damage or witness damage to the property please report to an organizer immediately, any participant who damages the property will be responsible for the repairs at their own expense.
    2. Do not touch the generator or its equipment unless you have designated to do so
    3. The following apply to the use of the cabins and kitchen:
      1. Outdoor shoes are permitted in any of the cabins as long as they are not wet and/or muddy
      2. Clean up after yourself, including dishes
      3. Due to limited power, small appliances such as hair dryers and/or hair straightener are not permitted to be plugged in.
      4. The Common room in the main cabin is open 24 hours, however between the hour’s midnight and 8:00 am please be mindful during these hours when using the kitchen as there are people that will be sleeping in the bedrooms. 
      5. The kitchen is open to all except during communal meals during which time please avoid the use of the kitchen as space is limited
      6. The fridge is used solely for the use of the communal meals, all personal food must be store indoors or in vehicles as there is bears in the area. Do not leave food unattended and please dispose of food correctly.
      7. All participants are expected to participate with meal preparation and/or clean up for at least one meal. Please try to show up 10 minutes before your meal. Sign-up will be available just prior to the event.
      8. When preparing food or using the cooking facilities, participants will follow the Food Handling & Safety Regulations.
  8. Pets are allowed to those who are staying in a camper. Any participant who is looking to bring a pet must inform the organizers at the time of registration. The pet owner will have to go through a vetting process which may include a phone call interview with an organizer. Not all pets can or will be approved. Furthermore some participants are allergic or have a fear of animals. Pets must be on a leash the entire time and is not permitted inside the buildings or in the pavilion. Please keep pet near your private campsite and avoid public spaces
    1. All participants must ensue to clean up after their pet. 
  9. Smoking is permitted at TOMKAT, however;
    1. No smoking is permitted indoors, or within 6 meters (20 feet) of any building entrances, includes but not limited to the main cabin, fox dens adult and child pavilion, also;
    2. Smoking is not permitted at any official outdoor events including but not limited to the raffle, crafts, workshop and campfires.
    3. Please dispose of all cigarette butts properly 
  10.  The following apply to fetish play;
    1. Any participants that wish to participate in BDSM must:
      1. Attend the ‘Consent 101’ workshop;
      2. All BDSM activity engaged in the adult pavilion or in other areas of the property must adhere to the rule described in the BDSM Safety Rules
    2. Messy Diapers are permitted as long as the following rules are followed:
      1. Messing or being messy is only permitted in the presence of consenting participants
      2. Any messy diaper must be done in your own/tent, bathroom and/or away from other participants
      3. Indoor spaces and kitchen/cooking/eating areas are off limits while messy.
      4. Immediately after you change a messy diaper it must be disposed of at the designated outdoor area. 
      5. Understand the above, participants with medical condition will try their best to adhere to the rules.
  11. All refunds of camp fees will be review on a case by case basis, any approved refund is subject to a short rate fee of minimum $50. The fees collected is to cover expense that were accounted for your attendance at the event such as but not limited to food, power generation, craft supplies, etc. All approved refunds will be issued once the event has concluded. 
  12. Above all else HAVE FUN!!!