Add-a-Weekday CAMPING – 2019 September TOMKAT Camp


Can you come earlier than you thought? Add a day or two to your stay! Each Add-a-Weekday CAMPING you purchase will add one weekday to your previously purchased CAMPING Registration.

Each attendee at a TOMKAT campout is required to purchase a CAMPING or INDOOR (Shared Bed) Registration.

Important Notes:

  • This Add-a-Weekday is only valid if you have also purchased a Camping Registration to our Campout, and will extend your Registration by one weekday.
  • If you are currently experiencing financial difficulties, you can apply to the Send-a-Little-to-Camp Fund by indicating so on the drop down menu below. In that case, you will need to pay the deposit, which is half the cost of the CAMPING Registration. The remainder will be due two weeks before camp starts. Depending on how much is donated, the final payment could be as much as half the cost of the CAMPING Registration fee (worst case scenario, no donations at all) or as little as zero. Most likely it will be somewhere in between.
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